The Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Initiative’s Sexual Assault Response Team at DOJ consists of a victim services specialist, two special agents with the DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation, one assistant attorney general, and a research analyst. This team will be available to assist local jurisdictions with victim notification protocols, as well as with investigating and prosecuting cases that may arise from the testing of unsubmitted sexual assault kits.

Meet the Team

Keeley Crowley, Project Coordinator

Keeley Crowley is resposible for overall project coordination and facilitates discussion between the project team, the grantors and external partners.


Chris Henning, PhD, Research Analyst

Dr. Henning is responsible for developing methods and processes for the collection, analysis, and sharing of critical programmatic data.


Jaime Sathasivam, Victim Services Specialist

Jaime Sathasivam serves as the Victim Services Specialist on the SAKI Team. She ensures that team activities, including notification, communication, and collaboration, are victim-centered and trauma-informed. She is available to offer information and resources to local sexual assault service providers working to serve survivors in their community. 


Noel Lawrence, Assistant Attorney General

Assistant Attorney General Noel Lawrence is available to assist local District Attorney offices with information and resources regarding the prosecution of sexual assault cases related to previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits. 


Ann Sheridan, Special Agent

Mitchell Ward, Special Agent

Special Agents Ann Sheridan and Mitchell Ward are available to assist local law enforcement jurisdictions with information and resources regarding investigations that may be related to previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits. 


Lori Thompson, Statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Coordinator

Lori Thompson is WI's Statewide SANE Coordinator. She collaborates with the SAKI team to provide guidance and expertise on any issues related to the forensic evidence collection process. She is available to local SANE programs for with information and updates on SAKI activity. 


The WiSAKI team can be reached at wisaki@doj.state.wi.us.

All media inquiries should be directed to dojcommunications@doj.state.wi.us.